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  • Mark Otto

    Mark Otto

    Mark Otto was born and raised in Ohio and has been interested in photography for quite some time now but he is not sure if it’s what he wants to do for the rest of his life but creative directing is his dream goal. “My inspiration comes from Fiona Apple and anyone who can dance and sweat and still maintain a chic look.”

    Sedate: As you mentioned in your bio you have been interested in photography for awhile, how did this interest start and did you ever believe it would be such a big part of your life?
    Mark Otto:  I realized that I liked photography when I was looking at the Opening Ceremony book and was gawking at the photos as my friend just saw them as cool. I feel like whatever you're excited about is something you should try. Photography just works for me and I never expected it to control my life so much. 

    S: What do you look for when shooting? Any muses or inspiration that you draw from?
    MO: My artistic process is very random. One day I could be interested in some girl standing in the street being chic or a crushed strawberry between a block of granite and pastel colors. My biggest muse is probably Chloe Sevigny or Fiona Apple. I hope to be a mix of both in some sort of way one day.

    S: You recently started and published your first issue of "Kimchi" Magazine. Can you tell us a little bit about the content of this magazine and the purpose it plays in your own art?
    MO: The first issue of Kimchi Mag was a bit of trial and error process that kind of takes after current art magazines. We wanted each issue to be 10 pages and about one person only. After the first issue came out, we decided that it was quite boring and are planning on making a 40 page, glossy as fuck glam magzine that showcases 10 artists from around the world. Should be out in November though. Also, we are working on a name change so essentially the 'next issue' is actually going to be an entirely different zine. 

    S: As an image maker what is your ultimate goal and/or dream?
    MO: My dream is to die with a Wikipedia page about how I could have been an it-girl. 

    S: Being fairly young yourself, is there any advice you would give to youth, or anything you would like to see change?
    MO: My only advice to young people is don't listen to your instructors so much and back yourself up because what you do is what you do. The youth needs to stop caring so much about looking like they don't care.

    Check out Kimchi Mag and follow Mark on Instagram.