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  • Nick Matsas

    Nick Matsas

    Nick Matsas is a Chicago based photographer who's book Off Limits will be released this December.

    Sedate: When did your love for photography come to fruition? 
    Nick Matsas: When I saw a movie called Ariel by Aki Kaurismaki. While watching that movie I woke up. It got my gears moving in a more constructive manner. It also led me down a path of great films and artists that have influenced me. His movies (shot by Timo Salminen) are some of the most beautifully shot films in history. So that's what woke me up but I've been dreaming about still images ever since I was a little boy. I started taking photos with a disposable camera when I was 22 and eventually I wanted something heavier in my hands and my brother bought me a Nikonfg.

    S: Your photos are very rich in color and seem very spontaneous. What and/or who are your muses?
    NM: Ideas of paintings. Whatever excites me.

    S: Can you tell us a little bit about your book Off Limits which comes out this December? Where did the title come from and what kind of content can we expect?
    NM: I've been working on it since May of this year. The title comes from a photo I took in a Russian eastern orthodox church in the Ukrainian village of Chicago. My uncle was thrown out of the church for wearing a hat and as the priest was talking to my uncle (who was now outside) he held the door open and this beautiful beam of light came across the roped off staircase with a sign that said off limits. It's a really beautiful photograph. It looks like a painting, which is what I want all my photographs to look like.
    The content will be a year's worth of photography.  

    S: If anything, what would you like to see change in today's youth culture?
    NM: I think they should meet someone they love and have the next generation for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    S: Any fun projects/collaborations other than your book you are working on that we should expect in the future?

    NM: More photographs, more books. 

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