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  • Bobby Burg

    Bobby Burg

    Bobby is an artist/musician/tour manager/record label owner based in Chicago. He has dedicated most of his time to playing in the bands Joan of Arc, Love of Everything, Make Believe, Wedding Dress, Hydrofoil among many others. Bobby started carrying a camera with him in 2012 in order to capture his experiences while traveling. 

    Sedate: When did you first start taking photos? Was it something you were always passionate about?
    Bobby Burg: I realized all of this cool stuff was happening around me and no one was taking photos of it and so many things were happening so fast that I was losing track. So I wanted to start bringing along a point-and-shoot to document some of the unique perspectives I get to see.

    S: Who and or what are your muses when shooting? 
    BB: My Muses can be anything from a cool charming person to a striped shirt or a cool party vibe. Odd scenes are pretty interesting to me.  I have so much respect for touring musicians and tour managers and engineers. I like shooting photos of those cool faces.  

    S: You also are a musician and play in many bands as well as have your own solo project. What role, if any does music play on your photography career?
    BB: That's kind of what all of the photos are about. Well not necessarily being a "musician" but being someone that's always down to help make a show happen. I end up in some pretty special situations because of the relationships and special skills I've built up over the past 20 years.

    S: If anything, what would you like to see change in today's youth culture (the young generation), and what are you doing to combat that?
    BB: All I can do is watch and see where today's youth culture goes, I don't have an interest in combat. But you know, It's cool if you know how to close and lock a van door. And if you know how to roll up your own sleeping bag.

    Follow Bobby on Instagram, and check out 42 Repeatable Examples where you can grab a limited edition zine and download! Joan of Arc will be celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band by with an art show June 4th at Elastic Arts in Chicago.