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  • Runsy


    Esperanza Rosas aka Runsy is a Mexican artist.

    Sedate: Where are you from? Where are you now, and where are you going?
    Runsy: I was born and raised in the South Side of Chicago, close to the Indiana state line. I’m still living out here and I’m not sure where I am going next, but I would like to relocate in the near future.
    S: How has growing up as a Latina influenced your work?
    R: Being a Latina is extremely influential to my work. I have always wanted to make my work more political/activist, however, it wasn’t until I realized that being a Latina and making art was political in itself. Although, I am largely inspired by my Mexican culture--which is evident in the skull work I often do-- seeing the lack of representation of Latina/o artists within institutions and university curriculums is what really motivates me to keep working.

    S: A lot of your work features rappers like Drake, Chief Keef, and Future. Why these rappers, or any rappers in particular? 
    R: I love Chief Keef. Chief Keef is my hero *insert heart eyes emoji here*. I drew him a long time ago because I really liked him. He saw my post of the drawing then reposted and tagged me on Instagram, which is how I got a lot of my IG followers. The second time I drew him it was for a Frank 151 feature competition and my piece was selected for a gallery showing in LA, a feature in the print magazine, and merch on the Frank 151 site. Nowadays, it feels like drawing rappers is done a lot on social media for likes or followers, so I will only draw rappers if I truly love them, like I love Drake and Future. 
    S: You just released a zine "The Struggle To Get A Bae" can you tell us a little bit about it? I heard it comes with a CD "full of hood love songs" :)
    R: Yes! The zine is about me being single and all of the outrageous things I tweet, which is why I claim to be single: because I am myself. Although, the zine is personal, I thought it would be something fun to release to show people how being single and being yourself is better than being in a relationship with someone who you are going to have to filter yourself around. I think as women many times it is expected for us to take on a specific role to please our male counterpart: i.e. women are not supposed to drink heavily, or party too much, and cater to the male. My zine is kind of an IDGAF to any of that. I am always going to do what I want to do and if a dude does not like it, someone eventually will. The CD is a fun addition to the zine. The songs on it are half hood / half love songs because I tried to make it so that everyone reading the zine and listening to the CD, would be able to feel what I feel when I think of old boos and relationships. 

    S: If anything, what would you like to see change in today's youth culture, and what are you doing to combat that? 
    R: Speaking specifically towards artists and the Internet, I think there are a lot of artists that get dragged in too deep by social media. Don’t get me wrong, social media has helped me A LOT, and is extremely helpful for many to get their art out there. However, it is good to pick up a book sometimes, research, and do stuff outside of Instagram or Twitter to help better your art. I think many times people want to make a living off of drawing celebrities and doing things that have been done so many times already that their individuality gets washed down. I am not speaking down on anyone, but doing things like picking up a book, and learning about your own culture is always very inspiring. These things help me keep my art as true to myself and as original as I can.   

    S: What is next for you? Any new projects/collaborations?
    R: I don’t like speaking too much about my future work just because things fall off, and people get busy, etc… but I do have a collaboration coming out soon with one of my closest friends. I also have a new project coming out soon based on gangs, my family, and being Mexican. It is a mix of my usual drawing work along with some photo work I have been doing.

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