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  • S T O R M

    S T O R M

    Stay tuned for our upcoming issue Storm. Our fourth issue will be covering the topic of police brutality in America and how people are dealing with the pain and what they're doing to overcome systematic abuse and racism. 

    Our 4th issue will feature artist of all mediums including: 

    Asha Mosley 

    Aerin Cooper 

    Akilah Richardson 

    Mateus Porto 


    Jazzeppii Zanaugtti 

    Cae Monae 

    Perris Allen 

    Amanda Moore-Karim 

    Parker Bright 

    Chanel Love 

    Ibrahinn Khan 

    Iyabo Akinunrulee 

    David Beltran

    and others... 

    We'd like to apologize for being MIA these past few months. We've all been going through a lot of transitional periods in our personal lives and we've had to press pause on some projects but we are still working on finishing this issue and we can't wait for you all to see it! 


    Sedate Staff